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Figure 3

From: The beginning of the end for chimpanzee experiments?

Figure 3

Virology experiments (311 of 749). 21 others: Six: FV. Four: HAV. Two each: GBV – B, HIV & HV, IV, PIV, Noroviuses. One each: Bacteriophages, Dengue v., Ebola v., HCMV, HGV, HMPV, H/S TLV, LCV, Papillomaviruses, RV2, Rhinovirus, VZV, WMHBV, Unspecified.

HCV = hepatitis C v., HIV = human immunodeficiency v., HBV = hepatitis B v., RSV = respiratory syncytial v., HEV = hepatitis E v., STLV = simian T-cell lymphotropic v., SIV = simian immunodeficiency v., TTV = transfusion-transmitted v., FV = foamy v (human and simian FV), HAV = hepatitis A v., GBV-B = GB virus B, HV = herpes v., IV = influenza v., PIV = parainfluenza v., HCMV = human cytomegalovirus, HGV = hepatitis G v., HMPV = human metapneumovirus, H/S TLV = human/simian T-cell leukemia v., LCV = lymphocryptoviruses, RV2 = rhadinovirus (or gamma-2-herpesvirus) genogroup 2, VZV = varicella-zoster v., WMHBV = woolly monkey hepatitis B v.

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