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Table 1 Overview of Themes and Sub-Themes Presented by Practitioners and Patients

From: Body Awareness: a phenomenological inquiry into the common ground of mind-body therapies

Practitioners Patients
1) Theoretical Stance 1) Reasons for Therapy
A) Integrity of Self A) specific, individual reason based on symptoms, illness, or sense of dis-ease
B) Human Capacity for Embodiment B) motivational drive to seek new resources for active coping
C) Central Role Of Embodiment And Integrity Of Self To The Practice  
2) The Practice 2) Engagement in the practice and what happens from the patients' point of view
A) Breath and Breathing A) Process
B) Repetition and Training B) Shift in Awareness
  a) Negative Emotion
  b) Body Sensation
C) Noticing/Discriminating/Discerning C) Engagement in
  a) Self Regulation
  b) Self Care
D) Goal of Practice: Integration of Mind, Body and Life Context D) Integration of Mind, Body and Life Context
  b) Mind-Body Integration