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Table 1 Payment installments made to the surrogate mothers and by the intended parents

From: An ethnomethodological approach to examine exploitation in the context of capacity, trust and experience of commercial surrogacy in India

Payment to the surrogate mother In rupees In euros
Monthly payment (for her household expenditure as she stayed in the surrogate home). 2,500 36
On completion of 4th month 25,000 357
On completion of 8th month 25,000 357
On handing over the baby (Rs 10,000 to be paid to the surrogate agent). 177,500 2,535
Total amount paid to the surrogate mother 250,000 3,430
Payment by the intended parents to the clinic (this rate was doubled in case of twins). 1,100,000 15,714
Approximate additional costs incurred by intended parents (including transport cost, caesarean section, breastfeeding, neonatal clinic and official documents). 1,400,000 20,000