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Table 1 Scope and contents of four-part neuroethics bibliography

From: A four-part working bibliography of neuroethics: part 1: overview and reviews – defining and describing the field and its practices

PART I Overviews
Historical descriptions of neuroethics
Definitions and depictions of the field and its practices
PART II “First tradition neuroethics:” The neuroscience of morality and ethics
   Neuroscientific studies of moral cognition, emotion, decision-making, and behavior
   Neuroscientific studies of “free will”
   Neuroscientific studies of egoism and altruism
   Implications of first tradition neuroethics
PART III “Second tradition neuroethics:” Specific ethical issues in neuroscience
   Research issues
      Translational models and problems
      Use of animal models in neuroscience/animal neuroethics
   Clinical neuroethics
      Treatment, enablement, enhancement
      Use of novel neuroscientific and neurotechnological approaches in medicine
          Pain care
          Rehabilitative medicine/prosthetics
PART IV Neuroethics and society/ international neuroethics
   Multicultural issues and perspectives in neuroethics
   Studies of multinational approaches in/to neuroethics
Neuroethics, law, public safety, and national security and defense
Neuroethics and policy
Neuroethics education/training