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Table 1 Selection of Guidelines for Literature Review

From: Developing an informational tool for ethical engagement in medical tourism

Guideline domains Guideline Intention Ethical concerns parallel to MT Search terms utilized Additional agencies searched
Sustainable Tourism Encourage the use of local businesses and operations and activities that are environmentally friendly and culturally sensitive (Malloy & Fennel, 1998). Concerns about negative impacts to the local economy, environment, and local culture due to tourist activities ‘Guide’, ‘frame’, ‘framework’, and ‘principle’ were each combined with the terms ‘sustainable tourism’, ‘social sustainability’, ‘economic sustainability’, and ‘ecotourism’ 1) Caribbean Tourism Organization
2) Canadian Tourism Industry Association
3) Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa
4) The World Trade Organization
5) The Institute for Policy Studies
6) The Department for Communities and Local Organization
7) The Rainforest Alliance
Voluntourism These guidelines are intended to guide health providers volunteering abroad to respect local standards, culture, and local access to health care (Provenzano, 2010) Concerns about negative impacts of medical volunteers on sustainability of health care services, impacts on local standards, and impacts on local culture due to activities of volunteers guide’, ‘frame’, ‘framework’, and ‘principle’ combined with ‘voluntourism’, ‘medical volunteering’, and ‘medical training abroad’ 1) Medical school websites in Canada
2) Websites for professional bodies including colleges of physicians and medical associations from Canada, the US, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.
Use of publically funded health resources These guidelines are intended to encourage responsible use of finite health resources for individual patients and health care providers (Smith, 2002; Commission on the Future of Health Care in Canada, 2002) Concerns about negative impacts of individual health resource consumption on equitable distribution of health resources ‘guide’, ‘frame’, ‘framework’, and ‘principle’ with the terms ‘patient responsibility’, and ‘patient use of health care’ 1) Canadian provincial and national level health ministry websites
2) National health association and ministry websites in the US, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.
1) U.S. websites for Medicaid and Medicare