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Table 2 List of goals

From: Developing an informational tool for ethical engagement in medical tourism

1. is adaptable to local and global changes;
2. promotes capacity building in the public and private health sectors;
3. promotes and maintains the health of international patients and local populations;
4. has consideration for the wellbeing and needs of local populations and international patients;
5. is consistent with local cultural values and exhibits cultural awareness for members of local populations;
6. distributes the benefits created by this sector fairly;
7. protects all stakeholder groups from new harms;
8. promotes and empowers informed decision making by international patients;
9. promotes collaborative decision making by local stakeholders;
10. is responsive to power imbalances among stakeholders in the development of the sector and distribution of its benefits;
11. protects and enables the integrity and dignity of all stakeholders;
12. exhibits shared responsibility among stakeholders for the impacts of the sector; and
13. promotes transparency in decision making around the development, administration, and impacts of the sector.