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Table 1 Administrative Regulations

From: A glance into how the cold war and governmental loyalty investigations came to affect a leading U.S. radiation geneticist: Lewis J. Stadler’s nightmare

Title 8, Chapter 59, Section 4, Paragraph 2356
Executive Order 9835 gives the Federal Bureau of Investigation sole responsibility for investigating charges of disloyalty on the part of employees in the executive branch of the Government. Although agencies of the Department may investigate alleged misconduct on the part of employees or conduct investigations with respect to employees’ character, education, and general suitability, the agencies may not conduct any investigation from a loyalty standpoint. If, in the course of the permissible investigations, any information is obtained that raises a question as to the loyalty of an employee, no effort may be made to investigate the alleged disloyalty. In such cases the information obtained must be forwarded immediately to the Director of Personnel, marked for the attention of the Chief, Division of Investigations, for transmission to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The employee whose loyalty is questioned should be fully identified by name, title, headquarters, date and place of birth, and home address.
5–4-48 (Amend. 24)