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Table 2 Initiatives to provide appropriate care (avoiding underuse and overuse). Based on [107, 108]

From: The role of philosophy and ethics at the edges of medicine

Name of initiative, country Description, year Link
NICE „DoNotDo “Database, UK: Savings and Productivity, 2006
Choosing Wisely (AIMB), USA + Reducing waste, 2012
Slow Medicine, IT Appropriate care, 2013
Preventing Overdiagnosis, UK + USA Reducing overdiagnosis, 2013
Lown Institute: Right Care Movement, USA Appropriate care, 2013
Smarter Medicine, CH Appropriate care, 2014
Prudent Health Care, Wales-UK Prodent care, 2016
Wiser Healthcare, AUS Research collaboration for reducing overdiagnosis and overtreatment