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Table 2 Example Quotes of Potential Therapeutic Uses from Media Sample

From: Media portrayal of ethical and social issues in brain organoid research

Potential Therapeutic Uses Quotation from Media Sample Texts
Neurodevelopmental Research "What these cerebral organoids excel at, he says, is offering a picture of how the brain develops, and how that development can go wrong" (source 95).
Neurologic Disease/Disorder Research "But [the minibrains] also promise hope of a cure for illnesses ranging from childhood epilepsy to Alzheimer's disease and brain cancer" (source 28).
Neurologic Functioning Research "there is the broader intellectual quest to understand mysteries such as memory, emotion and consciousness by studying synthetic brains” (source 62).
Personalized/Precision Medicine “Organoids will bring precision medicine closer to reality by developing patient-specific treatment strategies by studying which drugs the patient is most sensitive to" (source 31).
Regenerative Medicine "Leaving the controversial and ethical issues aside, the fact that you might be able to grow your own organ that has your own genes in a lab and transplant it when needed, avoiding the search for a donor and the immune reaction that happens after the transplant, is overwhelming" (source 45).
IQ Improvement "The scientist claimed that using this technique to bolster brain matter and improve someone's IQ would be 'quite safe'"(source 40).
Stem Cell Research "organoids are expected to advance our understanding of tissue renewal, stem cell/niche functions and tissue responses to drugs, mutation or damage, as well as unlocking the mysteries of several brain diseases and neurological disorders” (source 85).